Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hello blog.

I am writing a blog post because I have become a complete failure and seem to have stopped completely.
I don't really know what to blog about though, today is my favourite type of weather day. It's realllly cold, but still bright and sunny. I walked to the local charity shops and came away with an awesome 2 litre thermoflask for £1.75. It seems pretty good quality, it's got like a glass inside and stuff. The lid says 'deer brand', so I googled it and their website is pretty comedy, it says "By hard work of several decades, today our company has become a large enterprise with the most advanced process and facilities, the biggest volume of sale,having the largest category, the best quality,and the most profitable vacuum flask industry in China." so in conclusion I think I got a bargain. It's pretty awesome anyway.

I also got the dress in the picture which was £3.49 and nice and stretchy and comfy. I seem to be digging the florals today, maybe because it is nearly spring. I also got some salt from the supermarket so that I could do some dying...

My sister will probably shed a tear when she finds out that I am dying the cream lace dress she wore on Christmas day... Cream just washes me out completely though, I am turning it purple.

I also tied a white tshirt up with hair bobbles and threw that in for old times sake. Tie-dying is fun. The tshirt is currently hanging on the washing line. I kind of wish i'd done the stripes vertical rather than horizontal but i didn't really think it through at all.

Yesterday I went on a night time trip to the seaside. We drove west and then basically made up directions till we hit the sea, stopping at Aldi for crisps, chocolate, ginger beer and lemonade. I felt like I was walking in a big muddy lake rather than the sea cause it was so dark we couldn't see anything. I think the fact I was wearing wellies rather than jellies had something to do with it too. Drove round in circles quite a lot trying to find somewhere to eat, and then again trying to find the M62 to get home, but it was good times. I like it when life is fun.