Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Film Photography

This post is dedicated to Nicola Semple who recently bought a beautiful Diana F+ camera and who also has been telling me that i need to update this blog more often...

Anyway, this is Nicola's camera. It is delightful and i was lucky enough to be at her house when she unwrapped it, and began to learn what it could do. We went to the park and I am jolly excited to see the results. The best thing about this camera (i think) is how experimental you can be with it. Adjusting things such as the shutter speed and colour splash and celebrating the quirky imperfections that show through in your photographs.

I was very tempted to bite the bullet and buy myself one, but alas, i have a draw of 7 film cameras that barely get used, so i trawled the internet looking for new things to do, and i came across a flickr group called film destroyers.

I currently have an old (possibly expired) film soaking in a glass of lemon juice, which i hope will produce strange colour effects such as this: