Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The joys of bunting

Recently, i decided to make a stream of bunting. I bought some old shirts and duvet covers from charity shops for fabric, cut multiples of triangles out the fabric, and to avoid any fiddly sewing, i used bondaweb to join 2 pieces together and prevent the edges from fraying (bondaweb is amazing stuff)

Anyway, the fact that i had made the bunting brought the word 'bunting' up in a few of my conversations and i was suprised at the amoung of people that told me that they don't know what bunting is. People seem to think it is some kind of cake?

So, for any of you that were previously unaware of the playful decorative magic that is bunting, i hope this blog entry has persuaded you to decorate your homes, gardens, and dens with the stuff.

If i have persuaded you, here is a link for a tutorial on how to make some:

Or if you are less patient, or less talented with a sewing machine, you could have a go at making some out of patterned paper, just don't leave them out in the rain!